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At First Glance War Thunder appears as a average Joe, already done before, wannabe WW2 flight simulator. But that is just the ruse they are playing to trick you!

War Thunder is an MMO, Combat-Flight simulator, developed by Russian developer Gajjin. It features a wide variety of aircraft, including th P-51 Mustang, Heinkel-111 and the Iconic Supermarine Spitfire.

You may be thinking, wide variety of planes, Who Cares! I’ve seen it all before. But War Thunder brings something new to the table. It not only has aerial combat but naval and tank combat as well!! At least that is what the Dev’s say will be included soon. It is currently in open beta and is free, and it stay FREE even after the full release.

Even in it’s current state, War thunder is still an entertaining game and you just can’t beat that great sense of fulfilment when you line up a kill and see “Aircraft Destroyed” pop up with a little jingle after you let the lead fly.

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Another feature that will keed you glued to the screen is the great visuals. The game on the highest and lowest settings is a great thing to look at which just enhances the game and it’s vibe.

War Thunder is a great game and I can highly recommend it to and fan of flight games. See you in the skies!

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War Thunder Review

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